We strive for excellence in functional foods manufacturing. Ask us about our greens!

Our mission is a commitment to excellence in
functional food manufacturing.

At Venus Pharmaceuticals we strive to set an example for other functional food manufacturers. We believe federal guidelines for quality control and product safety are standards to surpass. Venus voluntarily tests products produced in our facility to always guarantee that our customers requirements are meet further illustrating our commitment to quality and purity.

Working directly with Venus directly benefits your business.

The functional food companies that benefit the most from working with Venus are clients with established product lines. Corners are often cut when a company is starting off and beginning to grow, but after a company is established cutting corners to improve the bottom line are more difficult to accomplish. But by working with Venus, the opportunities to increase your operating profits dramatically improves. First working with Venus means you are working directly with a certified manufacturing facility which eliminates all unnecessary middleman fees, broker fees and other sales commissions that the client ends up paying for. Depending on the scenario these additional fess can be substantial and you end up wasting capital on manufacturing that could be invested in advertising or other business expenses. But more importantly than lowering manufacturing expenses, Venus will be actively reviewing your formulas to find the best way to improve the product. Whether from an efficacy standpoint as to what ingredients will be effective at accomplishing the formula’s intention or other improvements like making the product taste better, Venus is the logical choice for accomplishing both.

Want to get started improving your functional food products?

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